How do you say, "I love you" to someone you love? By giving them the gift of relaxation or a couples massage side-by-side. 
Classic Swedish ( Relaxation)
Used primarily for relaxation, this classic massage incorporates smooth hand movements, stroking, kneading and pressure points as needed to relieve stress, tension and improving skin tone.

Deep Tissue
This massage focuses on the deeper tissue layers. By using slow deep movements of the hands, fists and elbows this massage releases chronic deep body tension. It is excellent for tension, tightness and reducing muscle pain.

Treat your self or loved one to a one hour massage in your room. This massage can be divided into two, half-hour massages for both of you with the same therapist. ( Sorry, We can't arrange for two therapist when taking a half-hour each.) 

60 Minute Massage: $90.00   ( Can be divided into two 30 min each)
90 Minute Massage: $110.00 (Can be divided into two 45 min each)
             Couples Massage:

What could be more romantic than a simultaneously  side-by-side couples massage for the two of you in the comfort of your own room? ( Two therapist)
 60 Minute Couples Massage: $185.00
 90 Minute  Couples Massage : $ 240.00

We suggest you book your massage or spa package appointment at the same time you book your lodging.  The mini spa books up quickly and if you wait until you check in, There is a chance you may not be able to schedule your appointment.
***Cancellation Policy***
Please let us know 48 hours prior to the appointment time if you need to cancel your spa treatment. 24-hour cancellation notice is a $40 booking fee.