Lodging and Massage Package: 

Sweet Treat Package: $ 25.00
8 Oz. Assorted Chocolates, Bottle Sparking Grape Juice

The No Name Package: $ 48.00
Candles, Roses Petals, 8 Oz. Pecan or Cashew Snappers.

Welcome Package: $50.00

Apple butter, Summer Sausage , 1/2 lb. Baby Swiss chess, 8 oz. Pepper Jack chess , 10 oz. Marble chess Peanut butter , Crackers , Trail mix, pretzel  rings  and it all comes in a basket.

Anniversary Package: $ 60.00 + the price of your Massage

1/2 Dozen Roses, Bottle Sparkling Grape Juice,  1 lb Assorted Chocolates and Couples Massage

Romance Package: $ 85.00 + the price of your Massage

1 Dozen Roses, Candles, Bottle Sparking Grape Juice, 8 oz. Assorted Chocolates  and Couples Massage

Bouquet  of Flowers in a Basket : $ 43.00

1 Dozen Roses : $50.00

***** Prices Quoted Before Sales Tax*****

Visit amishcountrylodging.com or call #330-893-1300 for lodging and massage information. 
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